Democracy Amendment Author Harry Braun

Registers his 2016 Democratic Presidential Campaign 

​with the Federal Elections Commission

Senior scientist Harry Braun has organized his 2016 Democratic Presidential Campaign as a Constitutional Convention to change the USA from being a bribery-based oligarchic Republic to a majority-rule Democracy that will make government secrecy and bribery illegal, by using the Article V Citizen Ballot on this website to both pass and ratify the Democracy Amendment Braun has proposed, 

​long before ​the next unverified elections are held in 2016.

"Empowering the majority is critical" 

Additional Considerations ​

Verifiable Election

In a Republic, candidates often say one thing in a campaign, and then do the opposite when they are elected and in power, where they get bribed by thousands of lobbyists in secret. In a majority rule Democracy, however, secrecy and bribery will be illegal and the term of an elected official will likely be determined by the majority of citizens who elected the official. As such, elected officials in a Democracy will truly become the servants of the People, and the Congress will then be operated like the U.S. Navy, as will the national health care and educational systems. 

Most people now believe that because elections are held, that makes a Republic a Democracy, but elections, are often manipulated in many countries, including the U.S., especially since computerized voting machines were introduced as an alternative to the hanging-chad chaos of the punch card voting machines that were used in Florida in the 2000 presidential campaign.  With the existing computer voting systems, no one can say for sure who won an election.

While many countries like Canada still use inexpensive and easily verifiable paper ballots that are collected and counted in public, typically with the news media present, the Bush administration encouraged the U.S. to purchase expensive computerized voting machines from private companies like ES&S and Diebold that can be easily hacked and then these private companies were then allowed to count the votes in secret.  After the 2004 election, however, an independent audit in Oho showed that the voter-memory card totals failed to match electronic voting machine ballot tallies in more than one quarter of the samples checked in the state’s most populous county.  And after a similar investigation in California, its Secretary of State, Kevin Shelly, called Diebold's activities in that state "fraudulent" and "deceitful," and banned the use of the Diebold touch screen “E-machines” until they could be proven to meet security standards.  So much for free and fair elections.

However, even if verifiable and inexpensive paper ballots are used, there is a long and sad history of candidates, like George W. Bush and Barack Obama, who make campaign pledges and promises, but once they get elected, they simply ignore their promises, and the voters have no real power to hold the elected officials accountable. That will change once the Democracy amendment that Harry Braun is proposing is ratified, whereby the majority of American citizens will ultimately determine policy and not oil and coal company lobbyists, and the tens of thousands of other lobbyists who represent foreign corporations and the tiny number of super rich individuals and families who can afford to hire them.  This is why the greatest transfer of wealth in history has been allowed to take place, and such Robin Hood in Reverse" policies have devastated the Middle Class by a reducing the value of the U.S. dollar by over 90% just since 1970. 

While the so called “free trade” policies that have been imposed by the corporate lobbyists have increased corporate profits, these highly destructive and reckless policies have contaminated and de-industrialized the USA and resulted in the an explosion of slave labor conditions abroad, which has transformed China into an economic and military superpower, while allowing unknown millions of illegal immigrants to displace Americans workers while driving down wages.

Immigration Considerations

Overpopulation is a major factor that is making the Earth uninhabitable, and yet under the current absurd interpretation of the 14th Amendment, the children of illegal immigrants are allowed to become American citizens, in spite of the fact that the 14th Amendment states that children born in the USA are only citizens if the U.S. Government has "jurisdiction" over their parents, which is why the children of foreign Ambassadors who are born in the USA are not U.S. citizens.  Thus if an individual illegally enters the USA and has children, the child is obviously not a U.S. citizen. And the real reason for concern is the out of control overpopulation problem that is ignored by the President, the U.S. Congress and all of the presidential candidates.

​The press has reported for years that there are some 11 million illegal immigrants now in the U.S., but no one can possibly know if the real number is  50 million or 150 million because no federal or state agency asks for such information -- in spite of the fact that such citizenship status could easily be acquired when a person signs up for utility services in the U.S., which was proposed by Arizona attorney Barry Wong when he was a candidate for the Arizona Corporation Commission.  Moreover, Canada does not have an immigration problem because Canada refuses to provide financial or medical support for non-citizens.  

Consider the graph below.

The Population Explosion 
One of the core elements of the Earth's 6th Mass Extinction Event

The quality of life is already terrible, and it will only grow exponentially worse with time.

Democracy Amendment USA

Ratifying the Democracy Amendment

with an Article V Citizen Ballot 

Harry Braun speaking in New York City as part of his 2012

Democratic Presidential Campaign that was never covered by the corporate news media.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The staggering problems that have resulted from the bribery-based American Republic have been well documented in the scientific literature as well as in the cover stories above by Time, including the unnecessary oil-induced Poisoning of America and Global Climate Change that represents two of the major factors that are causing the Earth's 6th Mass Extinction event, which is now in its final exponential stages, given the 3-billion year old global ocean ecosystem has been destroyed in one generation. It's why there is a genuine sense of urgency for the majority of American citizens who are registered voters need to take action now, while there is hopefully still time to make a difference.

The USA Has Never Been A Democracy

The vast majority of Americans believe the USA is already a Democracy because they

hear it daily from the President and elected officials from both political parties, as well as so-called journalists.  But as Harry Braun points out, this Orwellion misinformation

is easy to reveal.  No Supreme Court interpretation is needed because as any dictionary

can verify, the USA has never been a Democracy because it is and always has been a bribery-based Republic, which is not majority rule, but rule by the tiny few of elected officials and political parties who are bribed in secret by literally thousands of lobbyists. 

As a result, this Republican "representative" form of government is based on voters giving all of their political power to elected officials in unverifiable elections, who are then bribed in secret by thousands of lobbyists.  A Democracy is fundamentally different because the voters keep their political power for when it is needed to approve or oppose laws and judicial decisions that affect their lives.

Given this insight, the so-called Democrats in the Democratic Party are really Republicans, who simply call themselves democrats.  But the result is the same, whereby a tiny handful of wealthy individuals and corporations from the Oil Industrial Complex, which includes the major mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, banking and media corporations who all bribe Members of Congress, State Legislators, Judges and attorney generals into believing there are no alternatives to mass producing and using ever increasing amounts of oil and other highly-toxic fossil and nuclear fuels that are making the Earth uninhabitable.

Given the Supreme Court has now ruled that money (i.e., bribery) equals free speech, this is reason enough to ratify the Democracy Amendment with wartime-speed, so the majority of citizens can overrule this absurd judicial ruling, as well as a long list of others, including the one that defines corporations as people.  This is why the corporations pay the fines, or are otherwise held legally responsible, and not the executives who committed the crimes.  

And if the fines are too steep, the corporation simply goes out of existence and a "new" corporation is formed by the same executives to take its place.  

The lobbyists even wrote laws that allow corporations to be exempt from damages from the trillions of dollars of health care costs from over 100,000 unregulated and untested toxic chemicals that are now in the blood of every man, woman and child worldwide, including the unborn who soak in a withes brew of poisons from the point of conception.

Medical professor John Gofman said only one word came to mind regarding such global chemical and radiological contamination of an entire planet for profit, and that word was Nuremberg.  However, as a practical matter, such trials will never take place without the ratification of the Democracy Amendment.

As things now stand,  the oil billionaires are financially backing key members of both political parties, who are elected in unverifiable easily hacked computer elections with votes counted in secret by private corporations.  This is why the major policies of George W Bush were the same as those of Barack Obama.  Fareed Zakaria, a PhD in political science who is now a highly respected host on CNN's Global Public Square program. regularly refers to the United States as a Democracy, and in one broadcast, he referred to India as the world’s largest and oldest Democracy.  

This is simply not the case, because India, like the United States, is not a Democracy at all, but a Republic, as are the countries of China, Russia, North Korea, Syria and Israel. As such, the world's largest and oldest operating majority-rule Democracy is Switzerland, whose Democratic Constitution was formalized in the year 1291.   Braun repeatedly emailed Zakaria and his executive producer about this obvious mistake, as well as the other error Zakaria made when he proclaimed that there was no energy alternative to fossil fuels and fracking, which is merely repeating oil industry propganda.  Zakaria refused to respond to Braun's emails, nor did he ever correct the record regarding his untrue statements regarding fossil fuels or the fact that India is not a Democracy at all.   

Christiane Amanpour, another highly respected CNN journalist, made a similar mistake when she referred to Israel as a Democracy.  This was an especially interesting comment because Christiane and others have stated that the majority of Israeli citizens did not support their government’s settlement policy on Arab lands, which most analysts would agree is the primary factor that is preventing any fundamental reconciliation between the Israelis and the Palestinians and other Arabs in the Middle East.  It is why the definitions of words are indeed important.

Harry Braun's Presidential Campaign

Given that none of the existing presidential candidates are even aware of the economic energy, economic and environmental State of Emergency that now

exists -- much less what actions need to be taken now, Harry Braun has organized his Presidential Campaign as an Article V Constitutional Convention to both pass

and ratify the following 28-word Article V Amendment for Democracy as the 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution:

"We the People, hereby empower the majority of American citizens
to approve all laws, federal legislation, presidential executive orders and
 judicial decisions that impact the majority of citizens."

While the existing lobbyist-based Congress would never introduce, much less pass such a Democracy Amendment, Article V  ​of the U.S. Constitution allows citizens to bypass the Congress when necessary to pass & ratify amendments in what are referred to as state "Constitutional Conventions."  

As such, Braun has also prepared and published an Article V Citizen Ballot that can be downloaded at no cost as a verifiable paper ballot at no cost from this Democracy Amendment USA website. Once the majority of voters in three-fourths of the states (i.e. 38 states) mail their completed ballots to their Secretary of State, where they can be verified, counted and archived as verifiable paper ballots, the amendment will then ratified, at which point it becomes law.  One wonders why all elections are not handled in this way.

As Braun points out, none of the existing U.S. elections are verifiable, which makes them invalid.  Indeed, the vast majority of votes are counted in secret with no federal or state oversight by a highly-partisan private corporation, Election Systems & Software (ES&S).  As Joseph Stalin once observed: "Its not the voters who count, but who counts the votes."

While Hillary Clinton is on a "listening tour" which allows her to say as little as possible about her secretive history as Secretary of State or her presidential plans, Braun has produced and published a 100-page, fully illustrated and interdisciplinary 2016 Presidential Campaign Policy Briefing document that can be accessed by clicking here.  

Once the Democracy Amendment is ratified, all political power will be transferred from the lobbyists and the elected officials they bribe, to the majority of American citizens who are registered voters, as per the 14th Amendment, who will then become decision makers rather than unformed observers.

The United States Citizens Congress

The majority will then be empowered to form the new United States Citizens Congress (USCC), which will then be operated like the U.S. Navy while being governed by a "Universal Mind" of over 200 million citizens.  It will then be possible make government secrecy, lobbying and other forms of bribery illegal,

after which all things will then be possible, including chaos unless the majority is aware of the many interrelated and important insights that are provided in Braun's Presidential Campaign Briefing Document.  

With transparent majority rule, it will be possible to implement Braun's Phoenix Project

5-year plan to replace all of the highly-toxic, climate changing, rapidly diminishing and water-intensive fossil and nuclear fuels and chemicals with solar-sourced hydrogen made from cannabis crops, which are four times more efficient than corn, as well as directly from water with electricity generated from less than 2 million 2 megawatt wind-powered hydrogen production systems.  Such hydrogen production technologies are very similar from a manufacturing perspective to the 17 million U.S. cars and trucks that are made each year, and because they were developed in the 1800's, no research and development is necessary, and the hydrogen electrolytic production technology has been in the public domain for nearly 200 years  As such, the the highly-toxic Oil and Nuclear Age that is in the final stages of making the Earth uninhabitable was never necessary, it was just highly-profitable for the oil companies.  

For over 30 years, Braun has been an Advisory Board Member of the world's largest and most respected hydrogen and scientific engineering society, the International Association for Hydrogen Energy (, and as Henry Ford demonstrated in the 1920's, the least expensive hydrogen and/or ethanol was made from cannabis, which was half the cost of gasoline.  Ford's scientists also used non-toxic and completely biodegradable automotive plastics that were made from cannabis seeds that were 10 times stronger than steel.

Shifting from a Cannabis Age to an Oil Age

Henry Ford’s Cannabis Cars were part of a Cannabis Economy that is graphically shown in a BBC sourced documentary on Youtube: The True History of Marijuana. But the oil industry lobbyists responded by changing the name of cannabis to an unknown Mexican slang term, “Marihuana" (spelled with an "h") and called it a “new” dangerous drug that lobbyists secretly made illegal in 1937 with no recorded vote in either the House or Senate, nor without the constitutional amendment that was required to prohibit alcohol, and over the objections of Henry Ford and the American Medical Association, whose testimony is online.

It is now known that the THC in cannabis is a 500 million-year old neurotransmitter that

has redefined the science of neurology, but the oil and chemical industry lobbyists secretly erased the true history of cannaibs in United States in classic Orwellian fashion.  Nor was Barack Obama the first president to consume cannabis, because according to their farm journals that are now in the National Archives (which were fortunately not deleted) it is known that George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were all consumers and major growers of cannabis, and they all viewed cannabis as a strategically important crop, as did virtually all other human civilizations worldwide for over 12,000 years.

 But by making cannabis illegal in 1937, the “Oil Industrial Complex” was able to generate enough wealth to bribe governments worldwide, and determine the priorities and national energy and environmental policies of the White House, the U.S. Congress, State Legislatures, the Pentagon, and both political parties, while also acquiring major pharmaceutical and news corporations as well as the major Wall Street banks -- all of which completely ignore the 6th Mass-Extinction event in the Earth’s 4 billion-year-old history, which is in large part being caused by the highly-toxic Oil and Nuclear Age.


As Hillary Clinton has demonstrated, gender is irreverent when it comes to secretly negotiating millions of dollars of bribes from oil and uranium companies. This is why as Secretary of State her major “accomplishments” involved promoting the Global Oil Shale (i.e., fracking) Initiative for Halliburton, Exxon and Chevron, while she arranged for over a reported $500 million to be deposited into the Clinton Family Foundation from oil barons worldwide, all of which is now fueling the latest oil wars in Ukraine and the Middle East.

As such, it is easy to understand why Hillary refused to use official U.S. State Department servers, as she enabled the completely unnecessary contamination of trillions of gallons of precious water, which will then be injected deep underground where it will be diffusing and poisoning aquifers and humans worldwide for eons, while potentially causing earthquakes that could trigger an overdue catastrophic supervolcanic eruption in Mammoth, California and Yellowstone – and all for a resource that will only last a few years.  According to the Associated Press and Inspector General, over a billion emails were generated by the state department in just 2011, yet less than one tenth of one percent (i.e., only 61,156) were provided to the state department while Hillary was promoting the interests of toxic oil and gas corporations worldwide. 

Hillary is now under investigation for her secret email accounts that illegally circumvented the U.S. State Department she was supposedly working for, the national news media has not reported that when Hillary Rodham was a 27-year old staff attorney working for the U.S. House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate investigation, she was fired by her supervisor, lifelong Democrat Jerry Zeifman, who in a published interview referred to Hillary as “a liar who was unethical, dishonest, and conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the Committee, and the rules of confidentiality.” 

But in Washington DC and State Legislatures, this is business as usual, which why vast quantities of chemical poisons that now arrive in the wind and rain are in the blood of every man, woman and child worldwide, including the unborn who now soak in a witches brew of poisons from the point of conception.  The scientific community is alarmed but powerless as humanity accelerates into a mass-extinction event.  

As such, the Republican form of government of bribery and greed is directly responsible for allowing the only planet in the universe that can sustain us to be heavily-contaminated and needlessly destroyed in one generation, and given the chaos that is now inevitable, it is critical to immediately hire millions of people to shift to a Democracy and Solar Hydrogen Energy, Economic and indoor "Lifeboat" agricultural systems like those shown below with wartime-speed in every community.  

Braun's Proposed Lifeboat and Arcology Ark Systems​​

State-of-the-art indoor wind-hydrogen powered "Lifeboat" and larger "Ark" food production systems, that are similar to those shown above, will be able to operate 24 hours a day,

7 days a week regardless of weather conditions, and if enough of these systems are mass-produced in every community in time, humanity and civilization will be able to survive the exponentially worsening climate change chaos that is now inevitable. 

Architect Palo Soleri designed Cities without Cars

like the community shown below he designed for over 340,000 people

on a land area of 1,750 meters. 



Such an Arcology could also be constructed on top of a sea-based ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) power plants like the one below developed by Lockheed in the 1970's, that is shown below and detailed on the PhoenixProjectFoundation.US website.

OTEC systems were first developed in the 1800's by a French physicist,  and have been under continuous development by Lockheed Martin since the 1970's because OTEC is the only solar hydrogen production system that can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week regardless of weather conditions because of the solar heat that is stored near the surface of the tropical oceans, which alone could displace all fossil and nuclear fuels worldwide while regenerating ocean ecosystems to produce vast quantities of sea food and distilled water as by-products, with technology that operates at the temperature of warm sea water and is no more difficult to build than a ship.  Given both wind and solar  OTEC hydrogen production systems could have been mass-produced in the 1800's underscores that the use of toxic fossil and nuclear fuels was never necessary, and the only way to end this nightmare is to ratify the Amendment for Democracy  with wartime-speed.

Once government lobbying is made illegal, the majority can then shift from the toxic and unsustainable Oil and Nuclear Age to a poison-free and renewable Solar Hydrogen Cannabis Age by 2020 by mass-producing a mix of hydrogen production, storage, distribution and end use systems that will impact every home, vehicle, power plant and food production system.  Millions of Americans will be immediately employed with real jobs that will generate trillions of dollars each year by producing poison-free food and fuel. 

And because the hydrogen production and engine conversion technologies have been in the public domain for nearly 200 years, those trillions of dollars each year will go to the American people, and not the multinational oil, coal, and other fossil fuel and nuclear corporations who have poisoned the only planet in the Universe that is known to sustain life. It is why it is critical to Take Action Now, by downloading the Article V Citizen Ballot to approve and ratify the Democracy Amendment, fill it out, and then send it to your Secretary of State where it can be verified, counted and archived.  Then contact every person you know to encourage them to do likewise with wartime-speed.  

As Braun points out, given the "exponential age" in which we now live, humanity is rapidly accelerating towards both a technological "utopia" of a solar-sourced Hydrogen and Cannabis Age of molecular regenerative medicine that is already eliminating aging and disease -- as well as an ecological "oblivion" scenario that is now taking place as the Earth enters the final exponential stages of its 6th Mass-Extinction event.   And the decisions made now will determine which future evolves.

​From an exponential perspective, it is now 11:59.9 for the global human community and Spaceship Earth, and while few Americans understand this exponential mathematical concept, which is explained on the Exponential Icebergs document posted on the "Papers" section  this website, and without this understanding, one cannot comprehend how serious the problems are, as humanity accelerates towards an "oblivion" scenario from overpopulation, the Oil and Nuclear Age of chemical contamination and the catastrophic fossil fuel-induced climate change, droughts, floods and superstorms that are already destroying major food production systems worldwide as well as the stratospheric ozone layer, which is critical for life on the Earth. 

If that were not bad enough, there are also two supervolcanio's in the U.S., one is in Yellowstone and the other one is located in Mammoth, California, and both at the stage where they could erupt tomorrow, especially due to the fracking of the fault lines in California, which is Braun's view is utter insanity.  And given the shock waves of such catastrophic events, one super volcanic eruption will likely trigger the other.  

These mass-extinction events are now inevitable, and the only technology that will insure that humanity and civilization will survive and prosper, are the Lifeboat Ark systems, assuming enough are built and operational in time.  This is why the majority of American citizens must take action now to pass and ratify Braun's proposed Democracy Amendment with wartime-speed.  

​​"All authority belongs to the people"

Thomas Jefferson

The Article V Citizen Ballot

Calling for the Ratification of the 

Amendment for Democracy

3 video's by Harry Braun can also be accessed by clicking on this link.

Braun's other publications are on the shop.PhoenixProjectFoundation.uswebsite.

​​Copyright © May 28,, 2015

 by Harry Braun and the Democracy Amendment USA,super Pac, 

a federal 527 Independent Expenditure Political Action Committee.  All rights reserved.


A Stable State Economic System

Instead of a Stable-State economic system based on a solar-sourced Hydrogen and Cannabis energy, chemical, medical and economic system, the American lobbyist-based Republic promotes suicidal policies of a Growth and Overpopulation Ponzi scheme that is dramatically reducing the quality of life for everyone, as the Earth is made uninhabitable in the process.

Virtually every major city in the U.S. and worldwide is now heavily overpopulated; and the problem only grows worse with time. There is a structural unemployment problem in the U.S. and most other industrial countries due to automation and woman who are now in the labor force, and to make matters worse, many of the jobs are minimum wage and produce toxic products that should not be made in the first place, such as gasoline, pesticides, junk food as well as toxic "snake oil" pharmaceutical drugs that replaced the non-toxic cannabis medicines.

However, Braun's proposed transition from the toxic Oil Age to a poison-free Hydrogen and Cannabis Age that will be mass-producing wind and other solar powered hydrogen production systems needed to power the lifeboat and Arcology Ark food production systems in each community.  Millions of critically important educational and employment opportunities will be created for virtually any person who is able to work, including on sea-based Windship Hydrogen Production systems shown below that were developed by engineering professor William Heronemus, who was the superintendent of shipbuilding for the U.S. Navy.  Braun's engineering firm, which was located at the McDonnell Douglass facility in Huntington Beach, California, worked with Heronemus and his colleagues to help commercialize his technology.

Windship Hydrogen Production Systems

​​Windships could have been built in the 1800's by replacing the canvas sails with rows of wooden wind turbines, and with all of the hydrogen production equipment located below the water in the spherical hulls, the fish and other marine organisms would be provided with a vast sanctuary from the relentless fishing ships that are hunting them into extinction.  

This is Harry Braun's vision of America and how to create sustainable prosperity without any chemical contamination or destruction of critical natural resources such as coral reefs.


In the American Republic, elections come and go, but little changes regardless of who gets elected. Given this reality, and given the scale and scope of the current financial collapse, and the fact that the current two party system of government in the U.S. is so fundamentally corrupted by an army of over 35,000 lobbyists, only Braun's proposed Democracy Amendment can solve the problem of putting an end to the influence of lobbyists who are in the final stages of destroying not only America’s economy and contaminating virtually every American citizen, but the biological life-support systems of the only planet in the Universe that can sustain us and our descendants. Thus there is not a day to lose in ratifying the Democracy Amendment.

Given the economic and environmental State of Emergency that now exists, Harry Braun and his colleagues will work closely with citizens, the news media and State Legislatures in all 50 states to hold hearings and to organize an Article V Constitutional Convention as soon as possible in order to empower the majority of American people to bypass the lobbyists and essentially take control of the federal government, with the Article V Citizen Ballot that can be downloaded below,. once it is ratified by the majority of citizens in 38 states.  With this Article V Constitutional Convention, the Democracy amendment can then be ratified in a matter of weeks, once the  American public is made aware of this Article V move on the constitutional chessboard.

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