The Problems

The Solution

"All authority belongs to the people"

Thomas Jefferson

The Article V Citizen Ballot

Calling for the Ratification of the following 28-word 

Amendment for Democracy:

"We the People, hereby empower the majority of American Citizens
to approve all laws, federal legislation, presidential executive orders and
 judicial decisions that impact the majority of citizens."

This 28-word Amendment could never be passed by the existing U.S. Congress, but Article V 
​of the U.S. Constitution allows citizens to bypass the Congress to pass & ratify amendments.  And this website has the mechanism for this “transition of substance,” which is an Article V Citizen Ballot that can be downloaded, filled out and mailed as a verifiable paper ballot to the respective Secretary of State, which has the data for the votes to be verified, counted, and archived.  When the majority of registered voters in 38 states submit the ballots, the amendment is then ratified, at which point it becomes law.  

The majority of registered voters will then be empowered to become the new U.S. Citizens Congress, which shall then approve all  laws, wars, legislation & judicial decisions that impact the majority of verified registered voters. Most Americans believe the USA is already a Democracy, no doubt because they read it and hear it daily from the Orwellian corporate news media, including The New York Times and CNN. This is no small concern, and one does not need to be a professor of law to understand the difference, but only consult a dictionary to know that the United States has never been a democracy, because it is and always has been a Republic, which is an oligarchy that allows a tiny number of elected officials to be bribed in secret by lobbyists. This is why repressive governments like North Korea, Egypt and Syria are all Republics, as are all of the major counties, including China, Russia, Germany, France as well as the United States. ​

​What is surprising is that there is one rather remarkable country in the world that has been operating as a majority rule Constitutional Democracy for nearly 800 years, and yet it is never mentioned in the U.S. corporate-owned news media, and that country is Switzerland.  Republicans are fond of referring to democracy as Mob Rule, but they should tell it to the Swiss, who have not had  mob rule or been involved in any wars since their Democracy was formally adopted in the year 1291. And note that Switzerland is surrounded by countries that have continually been at war over the past 800 years.

​Once the Democracy Amendment is ratified, it will then be possible to put an end to government secrecy and bribery, as well as the dysfunctional two-political party system of endless gridlock. It will then be possible to initiate a reindustrialization effort focused on producing only the highest quality, poison-free and renewable food, fuels and other products, as well as non-profit health care, food production, and educational systems that are critically needed in every community.  

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this 28-word Democracy Amendment needs to ratified with wartime speed.

Prudence, indeed, dictates that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes.  But when a long train of abuses have resulted in the contamination of the air, land, water, food, and American people, along with all life on the planet, for the profit of a tiny few, it is every citizens right and responsibility to replace such a bribery-based government with one that will serve the interests of the majority of citizens. 

The bribery-based Republic that values corporate profits over contaminating individuals has created an epidemic of diseases, including cancer, Autism and Alzheimer's that is the result of protein destruction in the brain and body of every man, woman and child, including the unborn who now soak in a witches brew of poisons from the point of conception.  The National Academy of Sciences has testified that the use of oil and other fossil fuels has already destabilized the climate and food production systems worldwide, and the Sixth Mass-Extinction event in the Earth's 4-billion-year-old-history is now in its final exponential stages. 

Take Action Now

Given the State of Emergency that now exists, it is important to note that the clock is ticking towards the elections scheduled for November 4, 2014, which is a key election that can ratify the proposed 28-word, 28th Amendment for Democracy, which when ratified, will allow the majority of citizens to end government secrecy and bribery by lobbyists.  The Article V Citizen Ballot can be viewed and downloaded from the "Citizen Ballot" navigation button above.  This campaign will finish the American Revolution for Democracy, which got sidetracked with a Republic, as per Article V of the U.S. Constitution, is now officially underway.  Once the Ballot is completed, it must then be stamped and mailed to the Voter Registration and/or Elections Division of the respective Secretary of State's office in each state.  As this process continues, the most significant "transition of substance" in U.S. and human history will be initiated.  

Few Americn's are aware of the serious nature of the toxic problems --

much less the solutions, which have been well-documented for over a century.

The chemical and radiological poisons migrate through the air and water under a physics process as immutable as gravity, called "diffusion," which occurs every time cream is poured into coffee.  If chemical poisons are added to a glass of water, they will diffuse just as rapidly as the cream in coffee, and the Earth is essentially a very large container of water and air, which is connected to every living organism.  Poisons are never "cleaned up" but diffused until they are no longer noticed.  But the tragic result has been epidemics of autism, Alzheimer's, cancer, heart attacks, strokes, and gastrointestinal disorders, as well as the exponentially worsening economic, energy, environmental, education and health care problems.  As such, it is a citizen's right and duty to replace such a destructive bribery-based Republic with a Democracy, which will then be able to provide new regulatory safeguards for the safety and security of the majority of American citizens. 

One does not need a law degree, but only a dictionary to understand the vast differences between a Republic, which is based on secrecy and bribery, and a Democracy that would never tolerate such behavior.  Yet virtually all of the national corporate news media refer to the USA as a Democracy.  In a Republic, when one gives their vote to an elected official, they also give that person all of their political power, and then the elected official can then be bribed in secret by the tens of thousands of lobbyists in the Congress and State Legislatures. 

The USA Has Never Been A Democracy

The vast majority of Americans believe the USA is already a Democracy because they hear it daily from the Presidents of both political parties, and so-called journalists. But as Harry Braun points out, this Orwellion misinformation is the ultimate "Big Lie," because as any dictionary can verify, the USA has never been a Democracy because it is and always has been a Republic, which is not majority rule, but rule by the tiny few of elected officials in secret with lobbyists.

A case in point is Dr. Fareed Zakaria, who is now a highly respected host on CNN's GPS program.  In several of his broadcasts, Fareed had referred to India as the world’s largest and oldest Democracy, which is simply not the case because India, like the United States, is not a Democracy at all, but a Republic, as are the countries of China, North Korea, Syria and Israel.  Braun repeatedly emailed Zakaria and his executive producer about this obvious mistake, as well as the other error Zakaria made when he proclaimed that there was no energy alternative to fossil fuels. 

Yet Zakaria refused to respond to Braun's emails, nor did he ever correct the record.  While Zakaria has a Ph.D degree in "political science" from Yale (as though there was any science in politics, which is focused on money -- not science).  All  Zakaria needed was a dictionary to understand that Democratic and Republican forms of government are fundamentally different, and that many of the most profoundly serious problems that now confront the U.S. and the global human community stem from the fact that most governments in the world are organized as highly-corrupt and secretive Constitutional Republics rather than Constitutional Democracies.

Christiane Amanpour, another highly respected CNN journalist, made a similar mistake when she referred to Israel as a Democracy.  This was an especially interesting comment because Christiane and others have stated that the majority of Israeli citizens did not support their government’s settlement policy on Arab lands, which most analysts would agree is the primary factor that is preventing any fundamental reconciliation between the Israelis and the Palestinians and other Arabs in the Middle East.  It is why the definitions of words are indeed important.


Republicans love to talk about democracy being "Mob Rule" but they and the vast majority of Americans at present have no idea that a major country in Europe has been operating as a Democracy for well over 800 years.  As such, it is important to note that the only major country in the modern era that does operate as a Constitutional Democracy is Switzerland, and they have been successfully functioning with a true democratic form of government since the year 1991, which is why Switzerland -- and not India -- is the oldest and largest Democracy in the world.

It is also worth noting that the very first automobile was engineered and built in Switzerland in the year 1807, and its internal combustion engine was using pollution-free hydrogen fuel made from water with electricity, and not gasoline or other toxic hydrocarbons that were later made from oil or other toxic fossil fuels.  As a result, this Republican "representative" form of government is based on voters giving their political power to elected officials, who are then bribed in secret by thousands of lobbyists.  With this definition, all of the so-called Democrats are really Republicans.  Thus a tiny handful of wealthy individuals and multinational oil, chemical and banking corporations are legally able to bribe Members of Congress and State Legislators into believing there are no alternatives to mass producing and using ever increasing amounts of oil and other highly-toxic fossil and nuclear fuels.  This insures that regardless of who wins -- in what have been unverifiable easily hacked computer elections with votes counted in secret by private corporations -- nothing ever changes.  Going from President Bush to President Obama is a case in point.

As such, the Republican form of government of bribery and greed is directly responsible for allowing the only planet in the universe that can sustain us to be heavily-contaminated and needlessly destroyed in one generation, and given the chaos that is now inevitable, it is critical to immediately hire millions of people to shift to a Democracy and Solar Hydrogen Energy, Economic and indoor "Lifeboat" agricultural systems like those shown below with wartime-speed in every community. 

State-of-the-art indoor wind-hydrogen powered "Lifeboat" food production systems, like those shown above, are able to operate 24/7, and if enough systems are built in time, humanity and civilization will be able to survive the climate change chaos that is now inevitable.

Once the Democracy amendment is ratified, it will profoundly impact every major policy, which is why it will then enable a Solar Hydrogen Economy to be implemented with wartime-speed by mass-producing a mix of hydrogen production, storage, distribution and end use systems that will impact every home, vehicle, power plant and food production system.  Millions of Americans will be immediately employed with real jobs that will generate trillions of dollars each year by producing poison-free food and fuel.  And because the hydrogen production and engine conversion technologies have been in the public domain for nearly 200 years, those trillions of dollars each year will go to the American people, and not the multinational oil, coal, and other fossil fuel and nuclear corporations, or foreign countries who have done nothing to make this shift to a pollution-free and completely sustainable Solar Hydrogen Cannabis energy and economic system a reality.

Wind-powered hydrogen-production systems and a Honda home hydrogen pump (upper right).

Solar-Sourced Hydrogen is the

The Silver Bullet

Hydrogen was first made from water with electricity in the year 1800 by a distinguished surgeon and chemist in the UK, and seven years later the first automobile was built in Switzerland, and its internal combustion engine was not running on gasoline, but hydrogen made from water with electricity.  The most important question is: Where is all of the electricity going to come from to make hydrogen on a scale to displace all fossil and nuclear fuels worldwide?  While hydrogen can be made from fossil and nuclear fuels, it is only pollution-free and renewable if it is made from water with electricity generated from the wind and other solar technologies.  It is worth noting that all photosynthetic proteins, plants and bacteria have been successfully making hydrogen from water with sunlight on a global scale for over 3 billion years.

As a practical matter, the electricity generated from wind turbines is much less expensive than that generated from any other existing solar technology, and this is a critical factor in hydrogen production because the cost of electricity directly impacts the cost of the hydrogen fuel.  Moreover, the major solar technology now used is photovoltaic cells, and in addition to being expensive, they also require strategic materials that preclude them from being mass-produced on a scale to displace fossil or nuclear fuels.  While wind systems generate the least expensive electricity, they are generally dismissed as major power producers because the wind is a highly intermittent resource that changes its intensity from second to second, and the wind will often blow at night when the electricity demand is very low.  As a result, even with a good wind site the wind turbines will only generate electricity about 30 percent of the time, and no one can predict when that 30 percent of time will be.  This lack of "dispatchability" is why both wind and solar technologies now contribute less than one percent of the energy in the U.S.

All of these dispatchability problems with wind systems, however, are eliminated if the electricity they generate is primarily used to make hydrogen from water, which requires about 55 kilowatt hours of electricity and 2.3 gallons of water to make an equivalent gallon of gasoline.  By comparison, it takes approximately 18 gallons of water to make a single gallon of gasoline from crude oil, and over 12,000 gallons of water are needed to make a gallon of ethanol from corn, which requires vast amounts of pesticides and growing corn is unsustainable because erodes the soil up to 30 times faster than it can recover.  Unlike electricity, hydrogen can be stored and transported as the only pollution-free and non-toxic combustion fuel that can power every existing automotive vehicle, including aircraft, ships and trains as well as every existing power plant, and even a Coleman stove operating on a mountain-top.

Approximately 5 million 2 megawatt wind turbines, operating 30 percent of the time, would be needed to generate enough hydrogen to displace all fossil and nuclear fuels in the U.S., and approximately 20 million units would be needed to displace all fossil and nuclear fuels now used worldwide.  Given that wind systems are very similar to an automobile from a manufacturing perspective, and given that even in the current economic downturn over 10 million vehicles are still produced and sold each year in the U.S., the 5 million wind-powered hydrogen production systems needed to make the U.S. 100% energy independent of all fossil and nuclear fuels could be manufactured in less than 2 years once the tooling is in place.  All of the existing vehicles, engines and power plants could also be rapidly modified at a fraction of the cost (perhaps $3,000/vehicle) compared to replacing all of the existing vehicles with new hybrid electric vehicles that cost approximately $40,000 per vehicle.  Additional details on the Solar Hydrogen Hemp Economy are published on the Phoenix Project Foundation.US website.

Unfortunately, all of the presidential candidates and other elected officials in recent years have all continued to ignore the dire warnings of the National Academy of Sciences, because they obviously want the money provided by the thousands of industry lobbyists who want the American public to believe that coal is clean and that fossil and nuclear fuels are the only fuel options that are available. It is why a shift from a Republic to a Democracy will profoundly impact not just energy and environmental policies, but all major policies, because by shifting to a Solar Hydrogen and Hemp Economy, millions of REAL jobs will be created immediately in every community, which will generate trillions of dollars of wealth each year for the American people by producing poison-free food and hydrogen fuel and chemicals that are both pollution-free and inexhaustible.

It will then be possible to pay for Social Security and non-profit universal health care and educational systems that will provide world class health care and educational excellence for all Americans.  While for-profit health care and educational systems will still be an option, the only affordable health care system needs to be based on the non-profit system used by the U.S. armed forces, and the only way to provide educational excellence for all students at no cost is for the U.S. Department of Education to organize the best and brightest instructors and animation teams to produce the highest quality educational programs on line in each and every major subject area.  This approach will enable students to progress at their own individual speed, while providing teachers with on-the-job training to upgrade their educational skills on an on-going basis.

While elected officials, engineering professors and news analysts all talk about a wide-range of energy, economic and environmental problems, including America's addiction to fossil and nuclear fuels, Harry Braun is thus far the only scientist, technical analyst and author who has a detailed and interdisciplinary 5-year Phoenix Project plan that will enable a shift from all oil, coal and other toxic fossil and nuclear fuels to Solar Hydrogen and Hemp energy, economic and food production systems that were initially developed in the 1800s.  As such, the production and use of oil and fossil fuels that have poisoned the USA as well as all life on the Earth was never necessary. 

Braun's technical proposal and calculations in his 360-page Phoenix Project book and technical papers have been peer-reviewed and published in the international Chemical Engineering & Chemical Industry journal, which is posted on the "papers" section of the Phoenix Project Foundation.US website. 

Braun first proposed this plan to shift from oil and other fossil fuels to solar-sourced hydrogen in his 1984 Congressional campaign against John McCain, as well as in his two independent presidential campaigns in 2004 and 2012, yet no major television news network has covered the story.  Nor has the media made the American public aware that the fossil fuel and chemical industry is in the final stages of making the Earth uninhabitable as a result of the epic climate change-induced droughts and what are now being called "superstorms," which scientists have reported are already destroying the stratospheric ozone layer by injecting massive amounts of water into the stratosphere, which then chemically reacts with ozone, causing it to dissolve, which is one of the major factors that is making the surface of the Earth uninhabitable.

According to Michael Weber, a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, the droughts are also threatening conventional power plants that must have large amounts of cooling water in order to keep operating.  And some cities in Texas are already forbidding the use of municipal water for hydraulic fracturing (i.e., fracking) of natural gas and oil because of the vast amounts of water that is permanently contaminated in the process.

Apparently no one in the industry, the White House or the Congress is aware of the global water shortage that has been intensified by fracking and the worst climate change-induced droughts on record. Moreover, the very concept of "pure" water in rivers, streams, the oceans or aquifers is a myth, because the global chemical contamination of the Earth's atmosphere means the poisons now arrive in the wind and rain worldwide, so that even the animals in the remote Arctic regions have these chemical poisons in their blood.  It is important to understand that the Earth is one large living system, and our capitalist free market system has contaminated it in one generation, which has accelerated the global Mass-Extinction event that is now entering its final exponential stages.

Braun now operates under the assumption that that the corporate-controlled news networks are now owned and controlled by the Poison Industrial Complex of fossil fuel and chemical corporations that have made trillions of dollars by simultaneously poisoning our planet and people, while destabilizing the Earth's climate and food production systems. And because of the exponential nature of the these energy and environmental problems, there is a genuine sense of urgency to initiate this re-industrialization effort with wartime-speed.

Harry Braun speaking in New York City in part of his 2012 Independent Presidential Campaign.

According to medical professor Sunjay Gupta, in his 2-hour "Toxic America" documentary aired on CNN,  their widespread use has now resulted in the chemical contamination of every man, woman and child (including those unborn) with over 85,000 of the most toxic chemicals known, all of which were made legal by chemical industry lobbyists in the 1970's when EPA was established.  As a result, over one trillion gallons of these poisons are now made each year, which is why they are now causing trillions of dollars of diseases by attacking the proteins in the brain and body, including cancer and a wide-range of profoundly serious neurological disorders, such as Autism in infants and Dementia and Alzheimer's in adults.

The bees and bats that pollinate our food and control inset populations are disappearing, as are the major forests in North America and the remaining fish in the global ocean ecosystems.  The air, water and food have all been contaminated because most of the chemical and radiological poisons now arrive in the wind and rain.  This 6th Mass Extinction event in the Earth's 4-billion year old history is now in the latter stages of  accelerating exponentially, which is why there is very little time left to hire millions of Americans in every community to build and operate the necessary "Lifeboat" energy and food production systems that are critical to deal with the chaos that is now inevitable.

Fracking the Fault Lines

President Obama and all of the Republican presidential candidates have ignored the dire warnings from the National Academy of Sciences to phase-out the use of fossil fuels with wartime-speed because all of these candidates support massive taxpayer subsidies to the nuclear and oil industry, including the current oil and natural gas "fracking" boom that has already contaminated vast areas of the surface and subsurface of the U.S. with billions of gallons of contaminated water -- and all for a highly-toxic resource that is unsustainable. 

But a much greater concern is that high-pressure fracking has also been shown to cause faults to slip, causing earthquakes, and yet thousands of fracking sites are now in operation right over California's most sensitive earthquake areas, would could not only cause massive earthquakes, but two supervolcanos that are long overdue for major eruptions as well: one of which is located in Mammoth, California and the other is located in Yellowstone National Park.  Several past eruptions from the Yellowstone supervolcano (which typically occur every 600,000 years) are shown below, as compared to the last major eruption of Mt. Saint Helens on the upper left that occurred in the 1980s.

No one can accurately predict when the next super volcanic eruption in Mammoth, California or Yellowstone National Park will occur, but given all of the pre-eruption characteristics of earthquake swarms and intense electromagnetic activity are taking place,at both of these calderas, either one could erupt tomorrow, and the first eruption will likely trigger the second.  This in of itself will be a mass extinction event, primarily from the light ash that will disperse in the atmosphere and essentially ending solar-sourced growing seasons for many years, and without indoor Lifeboat Ark food production systems, humanity and other mammals will not survive. Yet the federal and state governments are doing absolutely nothing to prepare for these inevitable eruptions..

Some people will argue that nothing can be done, but they are wrong.

Millions of people should be hired immediately to build and operate indoor Lifeboat food production systems shown above in every community, because if people are able eat a much higher quality food than is now available at any cost in America's highly-processed poison-laced foods, whereby the chemical poisons like Round Up and dioxin are so ubiquitous, that they now arrive in the wind and rain.  Lifeboat systems are the only way for humanity to survive and prosper, because they will also provide a garden of Eden-like atmosphere that will protect them from the catastrophic events that are inevitable.

Doing nothing to prepare is nothing less than national suicide, and it is also a direct violation of Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, which states that the government should first and foremost protect and defend the American People.  As such, the American bribery-based Republic has utterly failed to follow this critical constitutional responsibility, which is high-treason.  Indeed, what crime could be worse than contaminating the only planet in the Universe that life can exist on, just so multinational corporations can make vast profits for a tiny number of people?

Given this State of Emergency that has been evolving for many decades, Braun made an effort to campaign for Congress in 1984 and 1986, and for President in 2004 and 2012, but the national news media refused to report on his candidacy, in spite of the fact  that the 28-word Democracy amendment he has proposed would end the partisan gridlock and allow a rapid transition to a Solar Hydrogen Cannabis Economy.  Such a transition of substance would immediately create millions of REAL jobs that would then generate trillions of dollars each year for the American people, not private corporations, by producing poison-free food and fuel, which can also be exported worldwide indefinately. 

It is worth noting that the majority of Americans opposed the war in Vietnam war for over 15 years, yet the majority was never able to stop the war because they had given all of their political power away when they voted for "representatives" who once elected, then get bribed in secret by thousands of lobbyists.  This is why passing the Democracy amendment is the only action that can can replace the existing bribery-based Republic with a majority-rule Democratic government.  Only then can, the U.S. federal and state governments be run like the U.S. Navy or other armed forces, with honor and honesty, as will the health care, educational and wind-hydrogen powered Lifeboat food production systems, which are now critical for the survival of our civilization and our species, as well as all life on the Earth.

It is also important to note that none of the elected officials from either party, or any CEO from the private sector has any idea as to what to do about any of the problems outlined here.

While Braun very much agrees with Congressman Ron Paul and Senator Rand Paul on many important issues related to foreign policy, which uses the American military to overthrow foreign governments in order to serve the interests of oil and other fossil fuel and mineral extraction corporations, Braun very much disagrees with Dr. Paul for his "business as usual" policies on most other major policy issues, including replacing oil with hydrogen, ending the production of chemical and radiological poisons, nationalizing the major banks that required multi-trillion dollar taxpayer bailouts, and providing non-profit health care and educational systems. What the free market really provides is the freedom for corporations to poison the American people for profit, as well as the entire life-support systems of the only planet in the Universe that can allow us and our descendants to survive.

Utopia or Oblivion

The biocybernetic evolution of a new immortal species: Homo Immortalis, may soon come to an end in the Earths 6th Mass Extinction Event that is now entering its final exponential phases.

As any biologist knows, evolution is not just a theory, it is a fact, which is verified each time a baby is born, which contains roughly half its DNA from its mother and half from its father, thus the baby has changed, (i.e., evolved), and over time the changes are more noticeable.  It is important to note that science is not based on opinions, but on provable, verifiable facts.  And given the "exponential age" in which we now live, humanity is rapidly accelerating towards both a technological "utopia" of a Solar Hydrogen Hemp Economy and molecular regenerative medicine that is already eliminating aging and disease -- as well as an ecological "oblivion" scenario that is now taking place as the Earth enters the final exponential stages of its 6th Mass-Extinction event -- and the decisions made now will determine which future evolves.

From an exponential perspective, it is now 11:59.9 for the global human community, and while few Americans understand this exponential mathematical concept, which is explained on the Exponential Icebergs document posted on the "Papers" section of the Phoenix Project Foundation.US website.  Humanity is rapidly accelerating towards the final exponential stages of an "oblivion" scenario from overpopulation, chemical contamination and the catastrophic climate change induced droughts, floods and storms that are already destroying major food production systems worldwide.  And then there are the two supervolcanios and fault lines in California that are being fracked, which is complete insanity.

Ice core data analyzed by scientists has documented that while over 7 Ice Ages occurred over the past million years, at no time did the carbon dioxide levels exceed 300 parts per million (ppm). But as of 2014, they are now over 400 ppm, and given that carbon dioxide stays in the atmosphere for up to 3,000 years, this is like a car accelerating towards a cliff.  After a "tipping-point of no return, which has already taken place, it will no longer matter what the driver does because even if all of the brakes and wheels are locked, the force of inertia will propel the vehicle over the cliff. 

It is indeed ironic that so many individuals with little or no scientific training think they know more about the subject of climate change than the thousands of professors who  are members in the National Academy of Sciences, whose concerns are not based on opinions, but on verifiable scientific facts

Election Considerations

In a Republic, candidates often say one thing in a campaign, and then do the opposite when they are elected and in power, where they get bribed by thousands of lobbyists in secret. In a majority rule Democracy, however, secrecy and bribery will be illegal and the term of an elected official will likely be determined by the majority of citizens who elected the official. As such, elected officials in a Democracy will truly become the servants of the People, and the Congress will then be operated like the U.S. Navy, as will the national health care and educational systems. 

Most people now believe that because elections are held, that makes a Republic a Democracy, but elections, are often manipulated in many countries, including the U.S., especially since computerized voting machines were introduced as an alternative to the hanging-chad chaos of the punch card voting machines that were used in Florida in the 2000 presidential campaign.  With the existing computer voting systems, no one can say for sure who won an election.

While many countries like Canada still use inexpensive and easily verifiable paper ballots that are collected and counted in public, typically with the news media present, the Bush administration encouraged the U.S. to purchase expensive computerized voting machines from private companies like ES&S and Diebold that can be easily hacked and then these private companies were then allowed to count the votes in secret.  After the 2004 election, however, an independent audit in Oho showed that the voter-memory card totals failed to match electronic voting machine ballot tallies in more than one quarter of the samples checked in the state’s most populous county.  And after a similar investigation in California, its Secretary of State, Kevin Shelly, called Diebold's activities in that state "fraudulent" and "deceitful," and banned the use of the Diebold touch screen “E-machines” until they could be proven to meet security standards. 

When George W. Bush supposedly won a critical and narrow victory in Ohio in 2004, it was widely reported in the media that the exit polls indicated that it was Kerry who won the election, and although a legal investigation was launched, and a Judge ordered that all of the computer data on the vote was to be preserved, someone managed to erase all of the computer data, and Bush was certified as the winner.  It is important to note that the CEOs of Diebold and ES&S made no secret of their partisan support of Bush, and the Bush administration even provided Ohio with a grant for $100 million to purchase the Diebold machines, which then presumably gave the election to Bush. 

So much for free and fair elections.

However, even if verifiable and inexpensive paper ballots are used, there is a long and sad history of candidates, like George W. Bush and Barack Obama, who make campaign pledges and promises, but once they get elected, they simply ignore their promises, and the voters have no real power to hold the elected officials accountable.

That could never happen in a Democratic Republic like Switzerland has been using since the 13th Century, because a majority of the citizens who vote must approve all legislation that affects the majority.  That is the nature of the Democracy amendment that Harry Braun is proposing, whereby the majority of American citizens will ultimately determine policy and not oil and coal company lobbyists, and the tens of thousands of other lobbyists who represent foreign corporations and the tiny number of super rich individuals and families who can afford to hire them.  This is why the greatest transfer of wealth in history has been allowed to take place where some $8 trillion in tax cuts has made the super rich much richer, and such Robin Hood in Reverse" policies have devastated the Middle Class by a reducing the value of the U.S. dollar by over 90% just since 1970. 

While the so called “free trade” policies that have been imposed by the corporate lobbyists have increased the short-term multinational corporate profits, these highly destructive and reckless policies have de-industrialized the USA and resulted in the an explosion of slave labor conditions abroad, and transformed China into an economic and military superpower.  This deliberate policy has encouraged the private sector to outsource jobs to slave labor countries, while allowing unknown millions of illegal immigrants to drive down the wages and quality of life for all American citizens.

Moreover, under the current absurd interpretation of the 14th Amendment, the children of illegal immigrants are allowed to become American citizens, in spite of the fact that the 14th Amendment states that children born in the USA are only citizens if the U.S. Government has "jurisdiction" over their parents, which is why the children of foreign Ambassadors who are born in the USA are not U.S. citizens.  Thus if an individual illegally enters the USA and has children, the child is obviously not a U.S. citizen.

The press reports that there are some 11 million illegal immigrants now in the U.S., but no one can possibly know if the real number is  50 million or 100 million because it is now illegal to even ask for such information -- in spite of the fact that such citizenship status could easily be acquired when a person signs up for utility services in the U.S.  In addition, as the population graph documents, virtually every major population center in the USA and worldwide is now heavily overpopulated; that there are now more than three applicants for each job opening; that illegal immigrants receive medical benefits that are denied to American citizens who are forced into bankruptcy from medical expenses; and no country in the world allows tens of millions of illegal immigrants to register to vote with no identification, which underscores why all of the existing amendments need to be carefully evaluated and re-interpreted as necessary by the majority of American citizens.

Elections come and go, but very little changes regardless of who gets elected.  Given this reality, and given the scale and scope of the current financial collapse, and the fact that the current two party system of government in the U.S. is so fundamentally corrupted by an army of over 35,000 lobbyists that only a series of amendments to the U.S. Constitution can resolve the problem.  A Democracy amendment will put an end to the influence of lobbyists who are in the final stages of destroying not only America’s economy and contaminating virtually every every American citizen, but the biological life-support systems of the only planet in the universe that can sustain us and our future generations.

Given the economic and environmental State of Emergency that now exists, Harry Braun and his colleagues will work closely with citizens, the news media and State Legislatures in all 50 states to hold hearings and to organize an Article V Constitutional Convention as soon as possible in order to empower the majority of American people to bypass the lobbyists and essentially take control of the federal government.  It should be possible for each citizen to vote to ratify the Democracy amendment, either by paper ballots or on-line with completely verifiable open source elections software that can be monitored by experts in every major college and university, as well as any citizen who wants to be sure his vote was properly counted.  With this approach, the Democracy amendment could then be ratified in a matter of weeks, once the media informs the American public about this Article V move on the constitutional chessboard.

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Given the National Academy of Sciences have warned that the Earth is in the final stages of being made uninhabitable because of humanities continued us of oil, coal and other fossil fuels, and we are now passing the point of no return.  Because of the exponential nature of the age in which we live, humanity is rapidly accelerating towards both a "utopia" of molecular regenerative medicine that will soon eliminate aging and disease caused by the global contamination problem well as an ecological "oblivion" scenario of mass-extinction and starvation, and the outcome may will be determined by how quickly humanity shifts to a Democracy and Solar Hydrogen Economy. Any suggestions or comments on any of these proposals would be greatly appreciated. Together we can initiate this "transition of substance" to an era of "sustainable prosperity without pollution" while there is hopefully still time to make a difference.

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